Spring Comings and Goings! The News!

Spring is here and it is a busy time for sure. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I appreciate you and your friendship more than you know. Over the last few months, lots has happened in my journey. With the passing of Mom and handling the estate, singing, teaching and sharing…well time has been a premium. Please continue to keep me in your prayers as we move forward day by day. We are excited about a few things that are starting to take shape with the music and message. In January Classic Artists Records signed an exclusive radio partnership with Wise Choice Promotions. The Pine Ridge Boys, Sheltons and I released new spring radio singles in Feburary. As the compliation disc hit radio stations. Classic Artists Records is loving the response to our music family Spring Releases. This is so exciting. We are so blessed and most thankful. Pine Ridge Boys- WON’T THAT BE GLORY; The Sheltons- IT COULD’VE BEEN ME; Charlie Griffin- NOT ACROSS THE RIVER. THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING THE MUSIC FAMILY WITH YOUR FAVORITE DJ. Wise Choice Promotions is handling all DJ interactions. DJ Download links are at www.WiseChoicePromotions.com. A special thanks to Lori Wise and the WCP team for their extra efforts and our exclusive partnership. For artist tour, music or scheduling information contact the Pine Ridge Boys- www.PineRidgeBoys.com; The Sheltons- www.TheSheltonSound.com; Charlie Griffin- www.CharlieGriffin.net The opportunities to sharing, sing and teach have opened many doors this year. Already dates are booked in Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia. Seminars are being held in select cities with many Christian businesses and agents. Exciting times to share the good news! There are a few select dates left for this year, as scheduling has already started for 2020. Working on a new cd called, 5th Sunday Singing! 20 great songs that will jar a memory of singings past while introducing some new music too. Thankful to be working with a great crew of people, Mark Lambert with Audio Works Sound Studio, Christopher Sutton with Sutton Sound, Vocals with Vicki Clayton Harvell, Cheri Bradshaw Proctor, Jeff Martin and Ken Fuquay. Looking forward to being with Rob Patz and the crew at Creekside Gospel Music Convention this year. Lots of great music friends will be there and so many surprises. We are sure gonna have a great time. Have you heard? The Pine Ridge Boys are recording a LIVE DVD and CD at Creekside. Wow! Special thanks to Derek Simonis for his work on updating the website. Lots of work and thought has gone into making the site more accessible and easier to maneuver. Check it out! Click on any of the icons or logos to be transported to their website or to my social mediums. Facebook, Instagram; Twitter and adding a new YouTube channel. Giddy up! Special thanks to a couple of people who have just been a blessing to me over the last few months. Michael Stephens, Dianne Massey, Vicki Clayton Harvell, Kevin and Cheri Proctor have been right with me through some rough days. Thank you for your friendship. You mean the world to me. Come see me when in your area. I mean we have a lot to catch up on and we are for sure gonna sing! Blessings…. Charlie