Charlie Griffin
Romans 8:28
About Charlie
Being brought up with a strong Christian background, his faith is instrumental in his life. It is the guiding force that directs him everyday. 

Charlie shares, "I remember the Saturday night in 1973 when I gave Christ my life. It happened in a Tent Campmeeting in Lenoir, NC. Rev. H. Richard Hall made the call. I found myself in the alter kneeling. I have not been the same since that night."

He continues, "I can say that in all things, Christ has never stopped loving me. He guides me each day. Do you know him?"

Charlie speaks at various functions and facilitates motivation seminars. He has completed Dale Carnegie courses, ATT-Bell South Selling Power, UCCM Biblical Studies and currently is studying theology online from Liberty University.

Born in Boone, NC, Charlie is the first born son of Kyle and Geneva Griffin. With three brothers, there was never a dull moment. "We were poor, but we didn't know it. No one ever told us!" he says. The boys were taught the importance of family, faith and friends. The integrity of those teachings still provides the compass for life's journey.

Time changes the family. As loved ones pass, new additions are made. Yet the family is still strong. The bond is rooted in respect, love and a deep faith that glues the family together every day. 

Immediate Family: Geneva (Mom) and Doug Johnson, Brothers: Martin and sons Cody, Zach, Rodney; Tony and son TJ; Gary and daughter Tina; Carolyn Griffin-(Step Mom) and step-sister, Laura Laws Brewer.

Friends have made an impact in his life. It is with their never ending support and encouragement, that he continues to sing and be involved in gospel music.

              Ed Hill                 Sandi Duncan Clark 

  • Ed Hill- senior statesman of gospel music, who mentored and just believed in me. Unselfishly he gave to me and his knowledge lives on.
  • Ron and Nancy Williams for giving me a chance to sing professionally and work in gospel music. I cherish Ron's memory and his friendship. I appreciate Nancy's lifetime friendship.
  • Sandi Duncan-Clark whose friendship and encouragement stands the test of time.
  • Michael Stephens-whose musical credits include Re'Generation, Hickory Grove Baptist Church and Calvary Baptist Church. He is one of my best friends and neighbor.
  • Marty Bailey for his unconditional support and friendship for over 25 years
  • Earlene Winebarger always had time when I needed someone most.
  • Charlie Burke (Singing Americans)- When I needed a job, he hired me.
  • Ken and Malinda Gill for being friends that just love and care about me and offering endless support. 

Charlie's Musical Biography:
Vocal Instruction from LeRoy Abernathy, Canton, Ga
Meetin' Time Quartet, Lenoir, NC, singer
Singing Americans, Maiden, NC, agent
Ron Williams Singers, Inverness, Fl, singer
The Vanguards, singer, agent
Hallelujah Supper Club, Newton, NC, Director, Talent Co-ordinator
Classic Artists, Boone, NC, Partner, managing agent
Gospel Music News, Nashville, TN, Associate Editor
Singing News, Boone, NC, Contract Graphics
Gospel Music Host-DJ, WHKY-FM 102.9 FM Gospel One Radio


"Then He Said Sing..."

Over the years, the message is the same, of hope in family, faith and friends. From Opryland, city arenas, outdoor venues and the local church Charlie has shared the stage across the country with friends including the Cathedrals, Kingsmen, Squire Parsons, The Brothers, Issacs, Gold City, Singing Americans, Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters, The Nelons, Inspirations, McKameys, Singing Cookes, Singing Echoes, Rhythm Masters, Talleys, Hoppers, Harvesters, Lewis Family, The Perrys, Jerry and the Goffs, Palmetto State Quartet, Primitive Quartet, The Greenes, JD Sumner and the Stamps among others.

He has a rich legacy with regional groups including the Shufflers, The Winebargers, Pioneers, Winkler's Grove Quartet, Echoes of Hickory, Hayes Family, Happy Trav'lers, Goodnewsmen, Regals, Royals, Gospel Voices, Singing Towers and Gospel Four.

Charlie explains, "It is not about where or who you sing with, but who you sing about that really counts. It is exciting to entertain and laugh in a concert. Yet is more rewarding to know the music uplifts the spirit, soothes a troubled soul and gives encouragement many days after the concert. "I Sing Because his grace is real to me" best describes why we all sing."

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